Ah, the simple joy of the ‘breakfast meeting’! If conducted with a contact who is also actually a friend, as in this case, it becomes mainly a greedfest interspersed with about five minutes of discussing actual work, before moving on to talking about holidays, other foods we have enjoyed, and suchlike.

And so it was on this crisp, clear morning, when my friend H, also a PR contact, took me out to Hawksmoor Guildhall. I’d never eaten at a branch of Hawksmoor before, and, while we weren’t going to be sampling the steak it’s well known for (at 9am, even I have my limits), H had been here before and positively raved about it.

They do stick to a hefty meat theme for breakfast, and offer dishes such as the mighty Hawksmoor Breakfast (for two to share, which seems to consist of most of a pig chopped up into different bits with some eggs thrown in). They also have an enticing range of what they call ‘Anti Fogmatics’ (delicious sounding cocktails that would indeed kick start the day) but H implored me to try the rather bizarre sounding Cornflake Milkshake.

Essentially, it was like drinking the remnants of a bowl of cornflakes, only nice and chilled and featuring a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I liked the ‘decoration’ of a handful of cornflakes on top. Slightly strange, but delicious. We both had the HkMuffin, which was a tower of fried egg, sausage and cheese. If only all days could start this way! (ie on someone else’s expenses).