I’m not even sure we had the excuse of a hangover for this, but on this particular Saturday mid morning, it was decided by D and I that brunch should be taken at The Diner (Carnaby Street branch). I’ve been to their Camden and Shaftesbury Avenue branches several times (mainly because I live near one and occasionally work near the other) and I like their laid back Americana vibe. It’s not as try-hard as Ed’s Diner, and i think the food is better and more authentic.

Normally I’m a sucker for their Arch burger, complete with pulled pork (mmm, pulled pork…), and pistachio milkshake but in an attempt to keep this breakfast themed i went for the Brunch Burger (appropriately, from their All Day Breakfast menu), which is basically a kind of Eggs Benedict with the addition of a slab of minced beef in the middle. The poached egg was wobbly perfection, the hollandaise light and tangy, and the burger medium rare. It also came with a massive fried mushroom. As Im still trying to avoid carbs, i left the bun, and washed it all down with a Cherry Coke. Day = Started. Awesome.