We’d booked a table for brunch the day after our multi-cocktailed experience at Slap Ya Papa, and if there’s one place guaranteed to sort out a mild to medium hangover, it’s somewhere like Joe’s Southern Kitchen. A welcome new addition to the K-Town food and drink scene, it’s already starting to attract the yummy mummies and greying new dads who appear to have moved to the area, as well a slightly younger crowd.

Inside, it’s large, airy space, with neon signage and projections of classica Americana scenes on the back wall, with padded red banquettes around the other walls. We were shown to a nice, bright table by the window, and I took the menu despite having drooled over it online the day before and knowing exactly what I was going to order.

Joe’s specialises is good old fashioned, down home, American cooking, all burgers, buttermilk friend chicken and grits, so we decided to try a few different things. I went for the poached eggs on sourdough toast with mashed avocado and paprika, which was possibly the only thing on the table that had a nod to health. D’s main event was the Southern Breakfast, which came served on an amusing prison-style tin meal tray, divided into compartments.

They held a slab of home cured bacon, like a slice of fried pork, topped with a fried egg; sausage gravy; creamy corn grits; BBQ beans; a scone-like biscuit, and fries – as they’d run out of potato hash. In addition, we shared a side of pulled pork, which was tender and tasty and went well with the grits; six buttermilk fried wings, served with a squeezy bottle of tabasco honey (though on the table you get a bottle of sweet, rich BBQ sauce and hot Jalapeno honey); and one of the best mac ‘n’ cheeses I’ve ever had, all cheesy, creamy, indulgent and covered in bright orange plastic Cheddar (which I LOVE). It’s probably still in most of my major arteries now.

Downstairs there’s a bar called Jailbird, where I’ll go next time to have a cocktail or two before dining. And considering that with every bill you get a number which gets you 50% off your next meal if you go back within a month, I’m hoping that will be very soon.