It’s the night before New Year’s Eve and we’ve finally succumbed to the charm of the nice man who keeps walking past us by the pool and thrusting the menu for Chez Pascal (next to the Three Corners Wekala) in our faces. It’s Belgian, because the founder of the Three Corners resorts is Belgian, but I’m pretty sure I like Belgian food. I certainly like steak, which is what this restaurant specialises in. It was quite quiet when we arrived (I think there was only one other table) but this meant we got quite the treatment from our nice man (who turned out to be the maitre d’. Mainly because he was the only member of staff present).

We started off with soup – I had lobster bisque, D had tomato – and then there was some kind of other tasty, cheese based starter before our steaks arrived. They were flambéed at our table, which is always dramatic and a little alarming, and served with two sauces: mushroom and béarnaise. They were delicious. I like my meat rare to medium rare, and I got what I asked for. It melted in the mouth (I know that’s SUCH a clichéd phrase, but, hey, a cliché’s only a cliché cos it’s true). The rest of the evening may have been a blur. I don’t think dessert was involved.