It’s my good friend A’s birthday (and her whole family and friends have signed a document in their own blood swearing not to mention which one it is; let’s just say she’s not calling it ‘the F word’ for nothing), and she’s booked a table at Bumpkin in Notting Hill, where she’s been a few times before.

I’d never tried it, but loved the name immediately. It sounded all lovely and comfy and rustic – which it is – but the interiors are really gorgeous. It’s a bit like a three storey townhouse, with big rooms done out in fabulous floral wallpapers and directional lighting. Ooooh, and a celebrity spot: Kara Tointon! It’s all glamour round here, I tell you.

The big draw here are the pies, and we were having the special set pie menu. I do love a good pie, especially when it’s freezing outside (which it totally was. When, oh when, will this winter ever END?!).

After a rather moreish chocolate and cherry martini at the bar downstairs, I started with caramelised sweet red onion thyme tart with Cornish yarg cheese. This came somewhat oddly cut up into four little squares, which meant they were more like brief, crumbly mouthfuls instead of a bigger, more complete tart, but it was tasty, and the cheese made it particularly tangy. Then I had the Charter pie, with chicken, leek, mushroom and ham hock in a creamy sauce (I could also have had steak pie or fish pie). What with the sharing dishes of roasted potatoes and veg (red cabbage, kale, broccoli and carrots), it felt a bit like Christmas dinner and was just as filling.

Just as I was starting to slip into a carb coma, I was brought dessert. I’m not really a sweet toothed person, and I couldn’t really do the chocolate mousse much justice. I should really have had another choc and cherry martini instead, I’d have coped much better.