This was a recommendation by my burger-bonkers friend H, who has visited several times and clearly would have gone on her own even if V and I hadn’t agreed to go with her. Burgershack is a kind of pop up at the back of the Royal Oak in Marylebone (the website explains it’s a ‘collaborative pub residency spearheaded by renowned burger blogger Burgerac’ – whoever he is, I want to meet him), and offers a short menu with a range of classics: burger with cheese, chicken burger, and the like, and a few specials.
On a Friday night, the pub was loud and lively, and we got a cosy table towards the back. V ordered the Burgershack (known as ‘the Posh one’) with cheddar, pancetta and chipotle sauce; I had one of the specials with a delightfully hot and spicy jalapeno topping, and H had the Hubba Hubba special with what seemed like all of those things in one.
We also ordered ‘for the table’  (obvs) = a buttermilk fried chicken burger, deep fried pickle slices, meatballs (the brilliantly named Amaze-balls), and fries with chilli and melted cheese.  The buns were brioche-y, soft and slightly sweet, the meat was tender and tasty. My jalapeno added just the right amount of heat (it’s a fine line between piquant and blowing your head off, but that’s a line I like to tread).
The very friendly Scottish bloke who took our order – and seemed to approve of the massive amount of food we had ordered – encouraged us to order a slice of the chocolate peanut butter cheesecake for desssert (insane), and even slippped us a free scoop of coconut ice cream afterwards. With 2 carafes of wine, it came to around £37 a head, and was a good fun place to spend a Friday eve.
atmos: 8/10
food: 7.5/10
vfm: 7/10