I was long overdue a catch up with my partner in crime / food, the lovely Miss P, and since she was spending the day working in Kings Cross, she suggested Camino, a sprawlingly large tapas restaurant and bar located in the Regent’s Quarter area, just two minutes from the station.

I’ll be honest; it wasn’t our first choice – that was Caravan, on Granary Square, but they were fully booked till about 9pm and we just wanted to meet after work, drink red wine, eat loads, and gossip. So Camino it was. I’d been there once for a drink in the bar, and had no idea about the food, but spent most of the afternoon drooling over the menu (as is my wont, any time I’m due to go out to eat somewhere specific of an evening).

It’s a fairly informal sounding, all day tapas affair, and as we wandered in to the large, airy space (dominated by a domed skylight), the garlicky, grilling smells were starting to work their magic.

We decided to keep things fairly simple, and ordered a mixed plancha to share, which featured Chorizo, Buñuelos de Bacalao, Croquetas de Jamón, Patatas Bravas, Padrón Peppers and Manzanilla Olives, some Pan Con Tomate, Boquerones, Crisp fried squid with aioli and lemon, and Pichon: Pigeon breast, creamy pearl barley, and Torta de la Serena cheese – washed down with some very nice organic Rioja (Artesa to be precise).

It was all very good, as chunks of meat – like the chorizo – and carbs – that’ll be the patatas bravas…. – can be, but there were some standouts: the boquerones were light, refreshing and zesty (though you only got four for £4.50 – not enough in my book). The crouquetas de jamon were properly cheesy and oozy and moreish, but the star for me was the pigeon breast; it was tender and intensely flavoured, and sat on a cheesy, swirly bed of pearl barley, which seems as if it may have had a micro-pinch of saffron added, due to the colour and depth of flavour, and was like the yummiest autumnal comfort food. Which of course I’m gearing up for as, like they say, Winter is Coming and frankly baggy jumpers are a blessing in these carb-filled times.

We both picked idly at the padron peppers throughout the meal, but, blow me  – it really is like playing Russian – or I guess Spanish – roulette. I’d scarfed dozens of them and then there were only three left: two little innocent looking ones, and one slightly bigger and longer. Obviously I shoved that in my gob and then literally had to drink two pints of water immediately – it was hotter than the surface of the sun (probably). Still, at least it put me off dessert.

Atomsphere: 8/10 – friendly staff, buzzing crowd

Value for money: 8/10 – keenly and competitively priced

Food: 7.5/10 – nothing to blow your socks off but the occasional amazing dish