Part of the triptych of happiness that is the new go-to food conglomerate on Highgate Road (the others being Dirty Burger and Pizza East Kentish Town), Chicken Shop was somewhere I’d been dying to go for ages. Some of the girls I worked with at Marie Claire were also up for it, and as several of us are North Londoners, it made sense to keep it local when we met up for the first time after Christmas. Happily, the occasion coincided with the book launch of my very talented friend Katy Regan – it’s her third, called How We Met, and totally available on Amazon! After we’d heard her do a very amusing reading from the book, and sampled a few glasses of red wine, seven of us headed up north, where we had a table reserved and waiting for us, courtesy of lovely Martha, the Entertainment Editor (she’s got a way with PRs….).

The restaurant is in the basement of Pizza East, and is dark, wood panelled and full of, like, totally cool people (I know! In North London!) chomping down on chicken. The staff were even cooler; not one of them was not gorgeous, or over 25. Our poor waiter, the handsome (and fellow gap-toothed) Simon, must have dreaded approaching our cackling table but he managed to wrangle us with aplomb, mainly by just keeping the red wine flowing out of very large jugs.

There isn’t much on the menu; like Dirty Burger, they keep it short and play to their strengths. So you can have a quarter, half or whole chicken, cooked in hot or smokey sauce, with coleslaw, fries, grilled and buttery corn on the cob, and lettuce and avocado salad. The food was just…delicious. The chicken was perfectly cooked and delightfully moist, with the sides doing their bit to enhance the whole tasty experience. Between seven of us, we ordered three whole chickens (which come handily hacked into portable pieces that you just pick up and, well, chomp, like everyone else), and we still had leftovers that at least two of us got packed into doggie bags for next day’s lunch.

And while I’m not usually big on dessert, we ordered a warm chocolate brownie with ice cream (okay, yes, it was awesome), and the deal with their apple pie is that they just bring round the dish and let you have whatever sized portion you want. By this point, several of us were becoming increasingly touchy feely with the waiter and others were posing with two of the jugs going, ‘look at my lovely jugs’, so it was probably time to leave.