I’d been here for cocktails before (they do a mean mojito, if memory serves), but never for food. But I loved the idea that Cubana uses some pretty yum sounding ingredients like Spanish, organic, single-origin chorizo, as well as prime beef and local produce. So I was interested to see what the food actually tasted like.

Groups of ‘young people’ (much as I’d love to count myself as one of them, I probably can’t really) were sitting outside, drinking cocktails and smoking, so it had a bit of a buzz around it already. And inside, the decor is really appealing; lots of pastel-coloured painted walls, stencils of Che Guevara and kitsch religious icons. Right up my boulevard, especially now I’ve discovered Instagram and become a total Insta-bore.

D and I decided to start with the mixed tapas sharing plate, which sounded daunting - sesame free-range tempura chicken, chargrilled free-range marinated chicken + chorizo skewer and sweet- potato + organic chorizo croquettes – but was actually quite manageable. The fried chicken in its sesame tempura batter was firm but juicy, and went well with the coriander-spiked tomatoey dipping sauce; the sweet potato croquettes were studded with chunks of chorizo which was smokey and pungent, and really, really delicious. And there was yet more grilled chorizo in the chicken and chorizo skewer. All very tasty, especially with some lime juice squeezed over the top.

D had chosen the slow-roasted Cuban pork for his main, served with black beans and chilli rice; it was very tender but slightly dry. And I went a bit meat-mad and ordered the parilla mixta con ensalada: char-grilled strips of dry-aged prime British sirloin steak (this was just gorgeous; melt in the mouth beef), marinated free range chicken breast & organic chorizo on a bed of seasonal leaves (I realise this is pretty much what was in the starter but I didn’t care because it was so good) served with home-made Salsa Verde - which I sprinkled over the whole lot. Good, juicy tomatoes, too, with actual flavour.

Washed down with some Cuban beer, it came to around £26 each including service, and didn’t leave us feeling stuffed or bloated afterwards which, in these ageing times, is always a bonus.

Atmos: 7.5/10

Food: 7.5/10

Value for money: 7.5/10