I’ve been to Dirty Burger once before, and I literally had a mouthgasm. I don’t know (or care) if that is even a word, but the burger, fries, onion rings and vanilla milkshake were almost beyond description. So I jumped at the chance to go back – I should really be gong more often as it’s only down the road from me in Kentish Town. D was keen too, and this time we knew to order three cheeseburgers (they only do cheeseburgers) between us, as one is just a bit too small. We also had an order of onion rings and fries again.

The burger is just irresistible; the bun, while not quite brioche, is soft and yielding, the beef is rare and tender (is it just me or is this sounding a bit pervy?), while the cheese is warm and molten, and there is some kind of special, special sauce which is like crack for your tastebuds. Plus it’s situated in what looks like a shed, and if you want beer you help yourself from a fridge. It’s the hipster’s dream.