A quick pre-drink fill-up on a Saturday night was mooted at Five Guys  as a) it’s just down the road from where D lives and handy for the five of us who were going out, and b) it’s meant to be good.

I’d always wanted to try it, after the so-called phenomenon landed first in Covent Garden, roughly around the same time as its…rival? Shake Shack. I’d been to SS a couple of times and found the food to be quite…dreamy. Squidgy. Cheesy. Melty. That kind of thing. I like the crinkle cut chips, too – very retro.

But I’d hear about the amazing soft drinks machines, which apparently offer something like 250 different types of beverage (although I was just happy they had vanilla-cherry Coke, to be honest).

Another good touch is that once you’ve ordered your burger (and standard burgers are doubles – if you want a single it’s called a ‘Little’ which might be a tad emasculating), you can have an unlimited amount of toppings on it.

I went for the double cheeseburger with jalapenos, fried mushrooms, lettuce, tomato and mustard. And it was pretty damn good. The burger meat was firm though not over cooked, although the bun did disintegrate fairly rapidly. Between 5 of us, we ordered 1 large Cajun fries and 1 large ordinary fries. They were good but we couldn’t actually finish them. It came to around a tenner per head. Great for lining the stomach, though you’re not encouraged to linger by the bright fluorescent lighting and fast food-y red and white décor. Five Guys, I’ll be back.