Well, it’s only blimming January, one of the most miserable months of the year, so I will try and inject a little sunshine into our lives by recounting one of the best dining experiences D and I had during our little December sojourn to Malta.

I have to say I liked Malta straight away; we were staying at the very lovely boutique hotel The George, situated in St Julian’s, a 30 minute bus ride from the capital Valletta, but very close to the beautiful Spinola Bay, which is lined with very good restaurants indeed. We did end up trying most of them during our stay there (props to Margos pizzeria, of which more soon!), but we only went back to one of them: Gululu.

This was originally a recommendation by one of the fab receptionists at the hotel, Katia; we wanted somewhere that did local, Maltese food, and she suggested this was the best place to go; plus it’s situated on the bay, so if you’re outside, you’re looking over the water. The second time we went, we sat indoors, which enabled us to see the plain but colourful decor; tables were brightly hand painted, the floors were blond wood, and it all felt very light and airy.

But the food was the standout, of course. There are many amazing Maltese specialities; I knew there would be fish and octopus, but I wasn’t sure how I felt about so many dishes revolving around rabbit – they do seem to catch them plentifully here, but could I eat Miffy? Or Bugs? Turns out I absolutely could…

The first time we went, we shared a couple of starters: pulpetti tal-laham, little meatballs in a tasty red wine sauce, and gbejniet tap-bzar (the language here is a strange mix of Arabic and Italian, thanks to its heritage), a chunk of peppered sheep’s cheese. Both very good, with strong flavours. Then D and I both had a different main course: he went for the Qarniq Moqli, or pan fried octopus, cooked with garlic, white wine and parsley; while I decided to forget all images of cute bunnies, and ordered the Spaghetti biz-Zalza tal-Fenek – a very popular rabbit sauce served throughout the island (the second time we went, we both had the spaghetti and shared the octopus to start. That should tell you how good the spaghetti is).

Let me start with the octopus (16.95 euros). It has been well cooked, so it is tender but not rubbery and chewy, and cooked in the aforementioned garlic and white wine, with chunks of tomato and black olives. It comes with fried potatoes, which are really good, and the whole thing was hoovered up in a matter of moments. It is that good. But we both pronounce the rabbit pasta insanely divine: the al dente spaghetti has been tossed in a rich, earthy, and ¬†intense sauce, (with a touch of vinegar which cut through the whole thing) with huge chunks of melt in the mouth rabbit. I couldn’t fork it into my face fast enough; the flavour was exceptional. And at only 9.65 euros, pretty good value for money; it was a satisfying huge plateful.

I don’t think people eat rabbit that often in the UK: and I don’t know if I’d seek it out at home, mainly because I’d be too afraid it could never live up to the taste of this. But I recommend this place highly if you happen to be in Malta; and if you really want to know who killed Roger Rabbit, it was probably me, because I ordered this dish. I’m not sorry.

Food: 9/10

Value for money: 8.5/10

Atmosphere: 7.5/10