Another day, another screening; this time it was Oz: The Great and Powerful. And it was awesome! I absolutely loved it; one of my all time favourite films is the Wizard of Oz, and I imagine the way I reacted to seeing that for the first time as a child, is possibly similar to that of children now seeing this for the first time. it had many of the elements of its sequel; the humour, the colourful and weird, exotic landscapes, the Emerald City, the poppy field, a tornado, a black and white beginning, the beautiful Glenda, the good witch and a cute animal (Finley the monkey, voiced by Zach Braff, who, unlike Toto, talks). But it also has Theodora and Evanora, two witches who fight over Oz (James Franco, very good) for their own ends. And it helps explain how Oz came to be the way it was by the time Dorothy got there.

Afterwards, we decided to go to Jamie’s Italian on St Martin’s Lane, as it was relatively close by and also we fancied giving it a go; I’ve been to a couple, and think it’s all a load of cockney mentalness (rumours abounded a couple of years ago that waiting staff were trained to spout Jamie-isms like ‘crikey, that’s a pukka choice!’ and ‘I’ll just get your wine for you. Bosh!’ I like to believe they were true).

Anyway, not wanting to eat too much, we ordered a sharing plank (plank! That’s an insult in Cockney-ese, Jamie!) of antipasto, with a few arancini balls and some other carb laden delights. Easy to pick at, and not bad at all. Some might even call it pukka (though not me, obviously).