Just round the corner from the Shepherd’s Bush Empire is this little gem, Killer Tomato, which started out life as a street-food stall and found its home here in August.

Owner Matt Paice pays attention to detail, not just in his food but in his décor – walls are covered in NY-subway-style spray-painted murals, light fittings are industrial, and the centerpiece is the eye-catching red neon restaurant sign in a dripping, horror-movie font.

While much of the menu focuses on tacos and burritos, Paice is loath to call it ‘Mexican’, as ingredients are just as likely to include, say, Korean-style sauces. My boyfriend and I are itching to try practically the whole menu, starting with the house tacos [£9 for 3]: beer-battered cod is thick, fresh and flakey, spicy green chorizo (with chips) is studded with pumpkin seeds and coriander, while the sticky fried chicken has a moreish, almost caramelized glaze.

We both inhale the cheeseburger tacos [£7] which taste tantalizingly almost exactly like a Big Mac but without having to set foot in McDonalds, and share a pork belly and crackling burrito [£8] with tender meat, crunchy shards of crackling, sour cream and beans in the house Smokin’ Hot sauce (spicy, but survivable).

I love it all, but my favourite are the light and delicate crayfish tail tostadas [£6], which come on a zingy raw tomatillo paste, drizzled with sour cream. We wash it all down with limey Margaritas (me) and Beavertown IPA (him) and finish with a bracing shot of smoky mezcal. If you’re around Westfield way, swerve the boring chains, and settle in here instead.