Tonight was a little reunion for the four of us who recently went on a girls’ holiday to Kefalonia (more on that in subsequent posts; I LOVE Greek food and we got some prime stuff when we were there). Anyway, Q Grill was the suggestion of one of girls, L, as she’d heard it did good smokey, barbecued, grilled meats and more. It turns out they also have a pop up on the roof of Selfridges, but because this branch is in Camden, it’s very handy for the three of us who are Archway-dwellers (not so much for E, who lives in London Bridge, but never mind…!).

The building used to be a….garage, believe it or not. It’s quite cavernous, but doesn’t feel empty and echoing, with a bar on the right as you come in, and the kitchen at the back. There are cosy booths (like the one we had) and wooden tables and chairs, with a bit of a cool, monochrome-y industrial decor feel going on. But what of the food, I hear you cry? As we all have big appetites, this was going to be a bit of a pig-fest, with a lot of sharing going on. So this is what we had:

To start, we shared some spiced cornbread (crumbly and buttery, lush), a bag of barbecued Cornish hen wings (literally what it says on the, er, bag – very tasty and plenty of meat on those bones), butternut squash humus with burnt feta and flat bread (only niggle was there wasn’t enough of this. And the feta didn’t taste particularly burnt, but it was good nonetheless), smoked short rib fritters with horseradish cream (like fishcakes, but with delicious beef), and grilled squid with a chickpea salsa (also pretty awesome; non rubbery and with a lovely smokey flavour). This was all demolished in literally about ten minutes. Then came the mains…

Again, we shared and shared alike: fried chicken, with pickles and blue cheese sauce – this was a winner for me, and I have to admit that I think this was even better than the buttermilk fried chicken at Jackson + Rye (sorry guys; I still love your truffled mac and cheese though!). The chicken was moist and juicy, and the fried coating kept its crunch. Then there was blackened butterfish with spiced guacamole and pickled papaya which was a delight; thick flakes of meaty, chargrilled fish, with a very hot guac contrasted with the sweet fruit. Next we shared pit smoked beef hash with a fried duck egg, which was full of intense flavour and not as heavy as it might sound, accompanied by some creamed corn, tenderstem broccoli with a garlic aioli (addictive) and seasoned fries. The food was just excellently cooked, and not a bum note amongst it.

Suprisingly, we still had some space, so we shared two desserts: Pimms and prosecco jelly (as light and refreshing as you might imagine) and the chocolate cookie with ice cream – as indulgent as it sounds. With two bottles of wine, it came to around £40 a head. All in all, a good night out, and helped to numb the pain of not being in Kefalonia.

Food: 8/10

Atmosphere: 7.5/10

Value for money: 8/10