I know I recently went to another Greek restaurant, Opso, but when I found out a new branch of The Real Greek was opening in Soho, I had to go and check it out. I’m a longtime fan of TRG; I frequent their branches in Covent Garden and on the South Bank whenever I get the chance, and I find the food really good, very fairly priced, and of a consistent standard.
I’m not sure what used to be here before, but the restaurant, at the Oxford Street end of Berwick Street, is cosy, low lit and very welcoming. In fact there was an actual man welcoming us outside, as we went in; a jolly, big bearded chef, who was presiding over a table of some typical Greek ingredients. Not totally sure why, especially as he must have got quite cold, but he was very friendly – as were all the staff. Again, this is something that’s consistent throughout their restaurants; a lot of them are genuinely Greek, which is always a plus, and they can’t do enough for you.
D, amazingly, had never been to a RG before, so I told him he was in a for a treat. We ordered plentifully, as usual, with lots of things to share. Some of the items on the menu were new (to me) so it was good to try as much as possible. This is what we had:
Some Greek flatbread. Obvs. To go with all things dippy and delicious. Humus, of course (D’s choice) – this was lovely and not too grainy. The affable manager, Kostas, recommended we try the Tirokafteri, a spicy cheese dip with chopped tomato, which was incredibly moreish. I could have had two plates tbh. We also – as if one lot of chickpeas wasn’t enough – had Revitihia, whole ones this time, with herbs, lemon and olive oil. Very good indeed.
Then we shared: a grilled chicken and bacon skewer (D’s choice; I preferred the chicken without the bacon actually – turns out you can have too much of a good thing); grilled octopus, which was just gorgeous – perfect, smokey, chargrilled taste, and good big chunks of the cephalopod (sorry). This was followed by good lamb kefte, served with a refreshing yoghurty dip, grilled halloumi (what is not to like) and a small Greek salad. I also threw in some grilled aubergine with a garlic tomato sauce, which was tender and tasty.
Basically, it was all good. D was most impressed and we managed to pretty much lick all the plates clean. We followed that with the house cocktail, which was flavoured with thyme and mastica, similar to one we had at Opso, but much frothier. I think egg white was involved. And then D had what looked like a small cup of mud but was, of course, proper Greek coffee.
By the time we left, the joint was jumping; most tables were taken and there was a nice, buzzy atmosphere. Loved it, and will be going back soon. It was too cold outside to feel like actual Greece, but it was a nice slice of one of my favourite countries nonetheless…
Food: 8/10
VFM: 8/10
Atoms: 8.5/10