In what turned out to be a rather filmtastic week, P and I kicked it off with a hefty dose of Ryan Gosling, at a screening of The Place Beyond the Pines. Man, that dude can brood. He had marginally more dialogue than in Drive, but that’s not saying much. Plus he doesn’t actually need to speak. Here, he plays a moody motorbike rider who travels with a circus doing that Wheel of Death thang, and winds up back in the small town where two years previously he impregnated Eva Mendes (not literally). He didn’t know he’d fathered a kid, and wants to help raise the child – with tragic consequences (natch). It’s a tad overlong, but it also features Bradley Cooper, some rather nice cinematography and a pretty kicking soundtrack (I can’t believe I just wrote that phrase but I guess I still felt like I was in the Midwest. Or something. Or maybe I’m still drunk on Ryan’s eyes…).

To recover, we went to Wahaca for dinner, and did that sharing thing, with lots of little bits and pieces. We had guacamole, frijoles (twice cooked black beans) and tortilla chips, Huitlacoche quesadillas (mushrooms and melted cheese….yummy), Pork Pibil and Chicken Tinga Tacos, and some spicy slaw. In between chowing down the delicious food, we reminisced about Great Gosling Films of Our Time, then drifted dreamily home. Sigh.