We’d read that Badass Burgers did the best burgers on the island. Yes, there was a branch on Spinola Bay (I can never say that phrase without doing it to the tune of ‘Enola Gay’ in my head), but we went back to the charming walled capital, Valletta, on our second last day, and having just a teensy hangover (long story; involved the manager of the restaurant we’d gone to the night before – who runs clubs in NYC and LA and parties with the likes of Kylie – Jaegerbombs and the many seedy bars of Paceville; basically don’t ask), thought it would be the perfect place to stop for a reviving lunch before we went on to visit the Grand Master’s Palace.

We’d already drooled over the menu, which boasts things like the ‘Obama’ burger – ‘Our Badass Angus Beef patty served with melted cheddar cheese, grilled streaky bacon and onion relish on a bed of mixed lettuce leaves red onion and tomato slices’ – and the ‘Daddy’, smothered in bacon, jalapenos and onion rings.

I went for the fairly straightforward Cheeseburger (11 euros), which came with lettuce, melted cheese (natch) and chopped gherkins, and added fried mushrooms too, while D had the Maltese (13 euros): a rabbit and sausage patty with local goat’s cheese and tomato. Both came with chips, and we practically inhaled them. We’d not been asked how we wanted them cooked (I fear D’s would have had to be cooked well in any case) but mine was medium rare; juicy, melting, and tender. The bun didn’t hold up for long, turning pretty soggy, but it was soaked in the gorgeous juices and I wasn’t planning on holding it that long anyway. My gherkins were crunchy and vinegary, the cheese and mushrooms worked well together, all gooey and yummy, and the matchstick chips, we discovered, went even better with the ubiquitous balsamic vinegar that is always on tables in restaurants here.

Washed down with some fizzy pop, we were ready for action again. Well, that and a massive nap to be honest.

Food: 7.5/10

Atmos: 6/10 (we ate late so there weren’t many people around)

Value for money: 7/10