This week I am working in the giddy throbbing heart of Soho, a stone’s throw from the insalubrious environs of Rupert Street and that narrow street lined with shops that go just a few steps beyond Ann Summers (oh, and that club The Box that I went to once for a press launch but which threw us out before anything remotely titillating took place).

Anyway, the main point is that this means that my lunch options have swollen from just one or two (Sainsburys or the Co-op in Archway) to, well, a LOT. The Hearst office is surrounded on all sides by chic little eateries, cafes, chains, and achingly hip places which don’t even have names, or seats, just a slab of stone for a counter and an incredibly expensive coffee machine being operated by men with directional beards.

One place I was keen to try again, however, was Comptoir Libanais, a Middle Eastern chain that actually looks fairly standalone, and which has décor to die for. I’m a sucker for good décor and packaging, and the Broadwick Street branch has both; from arty paintings of slightly mysterious and exotic looking Lebanese women, to Arabic condiments stacked on the shelves, surrounded by hand crafted bags, shisha pipes, hammered metal lanterns, mint tea glasses and the like. You would probably think you were in Marrakech except it’s bloody freezing outside and there are no camels to be seen for love nor money (although that said, I didn’t check the kitchen…).

The last time I was here was for a late breakfast, with D, and we shared some meze, including tabouleh, humus, baba ganoush and the like. This time I was just in for a quick takeaway, and had planned on a kofta wrap – the nice man at the till recommended chicken over lamb, so that’s what I had. It contained some salad (lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber) and garlic sauce too, and the wrap was hot and smelled tasty. It was handed over in a fantastic paper bag with the Lebanese lady on it again, which of course I have kept and may even frame. Packaging, eh! It goes without saying it was absolutely delicious, and I was left with warm garlic sauce all over my fingers. Attractive.