During our trip to Ibiza, we decided to do a day trip to Formentera. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really know much about this gorgeous little island, which is only half an hour from Ibiza Town by the fast ferry, but it’s a bit like a microcosm of Ibiza only without the clubs.

It’s only 12 miles long and there aren’t that many cars on the island so it’s pretty much a dream to drive around, especially since one of the roads is just straight, from one end to the other. (There are also, fact fans, no traffic lights on the island! Strange, but true).  There are a handful of nice little towns to wander around, including San Fransesc Xavier, and Es Pujols (which is by the seaside), and a few old defence towers scattered here and there, which were built in the 18th century to protect against pirates, which always seems quite exciting.

There are two lighthouses worth a visit; one at La Mola, which has a very nice gift shop next to it (!), and one at Es Cap de Barbaria, which really does feel like it’s at the end of the world – as you drive down the (long) road towards it, civilisation slips away and suddenly it’s all brushland, rocks, and stretches of nothingness – the view is amazing.

And Formentera’s beaches are simply stunning; I can imagine that later in the season they would probably be mobbed, but the one we were on had very few people on it. Notable ones include Migorn, which is just one long stretch of glorious white sand, and Iletes, at the very northern tip.

But on to lunch: we were told that one of the best viewpoints, from which you can see the whole island, which narrows in the middle (essentially an isthmus) is at El Mirador, a fairly high point which handily has a very nice restaurant next to it, of the same name.

So we took a table outside, obviously, and mainly just sat staring out at the view. Annoyingly, D’s phone camera didn’t seem to manage to get both sides of the island in shot (I’m blaming it, and not my picture taking skills) but hopefully you get an idea of what the coastline looks like.

The food was simple, and delicious. I started with a local speciality, a salad with dried fish, which included tomatoes, peppers, onion, potato and croutons. Then I had grilled squid – which was just delicious, drizzled with oil and lemon juice. Things that are chargrilled usually are.

It’s a lovely place to spend one day, but next time I’d probably stay for at least a night so I could explore further. Great for getting away from the crowds and chaos of Ibiza.

Atmosphere: 8/10, mainly for the view

Food: 8/10 – simple but tasty

Value for money: 7/10