It’s been a while since the last post (oops) but always a joy to have something really juicy to get me fired up again, in this case a long overdue catch up with my lovely travel friend Miss V. We were meeting in Soho, and I mentioned a couple of places I’d always fancied trying, including Flatiron; she’s been before but was only too keen to go back, and now that i’ve been there, so am I. As soon as possible, preferably…

It’s a simple, straightforward concept, explained to you by the charming, largely foreign staff (we counted at least one Italian and one Aussie). The space itself isn’t large, but it is all woody and cosy and stripped back, and the menu is pretty stripped back to.

Basically, there is steak. And that’s about it. It’s served with a house leaf salad (which comes dressed with a nice mustardy vinaigrette), and you can choose from a selection of sides and sauces. They were also doing a one off special that month, a burger with béarnaise sauce, but it had to be steak for me. And, after a lot of changing her mind several times, for Miss V too.

We ordered, to share, the dripping cooked chips – although I didn’t really notice anything particularly different in their flavour; nice though – the market greens of the day, some simple steamed broccoli; and the roast aubergine with tomato, basil and parmesan, a lovely, intensely-flavoured, chewy-at-the-edges portion of melanzane parmigiana.

They recommended we have our steak medium-rare, as they said it worked best with that particular cut of meat. So we did. And it was truly delicious. It’s presented on a wooden platter, with an alarmingly large machete-like knife to cut it with (although it is already sliced, so you can see the juices oozing out of the dark red flesh. Yum). I had two sauces to go with it: the bearnaise, which was creamy, lemony and tarragon-y, just as it should be, and a spicy one, called ‘Fred’s’. Lovely.

The steak was tender, with a lovely char grilled taste, and for £10, it’s good value for money. Miss V chased it all down with a beer, while I went for a lemon and mint fizz, a non-alcoholic juice made in house which looked enough like a mojito that I could get a bit of a buzz off it.

We didn’t have too much trouble getting a table (although even though V got there first she wasn’t allowed to have one until I arrived too) but I’ve heard it gets very busy on weeknight evenings. Now I know why.

Food: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Atmos: 7/10