While I’m on a South American theme, I have to share the luscious lunch I had while I was in Buenos Aires recently. I’d never been to Argentina before, and on this evidence, I’m going to have to come back and spend a lot longer than just the 24 hours I had before flying back to London.

It’s a chaotic, crazy city, with the worst traffic I have EVER seen – it just doesn’t move – but gorgeous buildings, fine red wine, and, of course, steak.

Mmm, steak. Argentine beef is meant to be the finest in the world; perhaps I have already eaten some, unknowingly, but I was going to get the chance to try a definitive sample for lunch with my lovely guide, Ursula, from tour company Say Hueque.

Gran Parilla Del Plata is in the historic San Telmo neighbourhood, where everything looks artfully shabby and chic and people just hang out having lunch for two hours in that laid back, South American, non-British way (this was a weekday by the way). It looks like it’s been in the area for years, and apparently used to be a butchers in the 1930s.

The restaurant is a large, airy, tiled room, the service is friendly and efficient – bread and three types of salsa came to the table immediately – and the food is just awesome.

I let Ursula take charge of the ordering, and we started with Provoleta, or grilled provolone cheese. That took the joy of something like halloumi to a whole other level; it was soft, not too chewy, and sprinkled with herbs.

The recommended cut of the day was bife de lomo – a massive slab of tenderloin, which came on its own metal tray, the juices still running out of it, so rare it was practically mooing. It was unadorned and simple – and I could have cut it with a spoon, it was so tender.

A massive baked potato smothered in sour cream (they don’t seem to do diets here) accompanied it, and for about ten minutes all Ursula could hear were some rather unladylike moaning sounds.

Then she insisted, in that twisting-my-arm kind of way, that I try a dessert with the famous local sugary confection, Dulce De Leche. A kind of creamy caramel, it came in the form of a massive sundae, featuring three different flavours of ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, and Dulce), and Dulce caramel sauce. It was tough, but we got through it.

All this was washed down with a glass of Malbec big enough to fit half a bottle, and it was probably one of the best lunches I’ve had in a long time. Then, thankfully, Ursula made me walk around most of the rest of the city, in a vague attempt to shed some of the calories. But I don’t actually think they’ve gone yet.

Atmosphere:  8/10 – buzzing. Lots of happy, relaxed office workers lingering over wine (this may be why their economy is going down the pan, but still…)

Service: 8

Value for Money: 8. These awesome steaks are around a tenner. Unheard of in the UK.