Working at London Bridge for the past few weeks has been a joy, mainly due to my proximity to Borough Street Market. Wandering around there at lunchtime is exquisite torture to all the senses, but there are some stalls which stand out more than others. And one of those is the Kappacasein cheese stall. Kappacasein is a Bermondsey-based dairy which sets up in Borough on Thursdays and Fridays, selling just two things: raclette with gherkins and potatoes, and its infamous grilled cheese sandwich.

It was my friend H who first turned me on to these, and they could quite easily become addictive. On Fridays, in particular, the queue goes round the block, and when I tried one for the first time, it was easy to understand why. Their toasted cheese sandwich – at £5 – is a beautifully simple thing, but it tastes insane. It’s just two slices of Poilâne sourdough, stuffed with grated Montgomery cheddar, Comte and Ogleshield cheeses about an inch thick, in the middle of which goes a layer of red onions, leeks and garlic. As you approach the stall, you see a big glass case with a veritable mound of grated cheese in the bottom shelf, with dozens of prepped sandwiches on the shelves above, and four grills.

The person making your sandwich puts a good spoonful of the onion and leek mix on top of the cheese, then lets it grill for a good five minutes. The end result is gooey, cheesey, onion-and-leek-y goodness. The bread is toasted and chewy, the cheese melts in the mouth, and the alliums lift it and give it an edge. I can’t wait to work in London Bridge again…

Food: 9/10

Atmosphere: 9/10 (lots of people)

Value for money: 8/10