Sometimes there is nothing nicer than a home cooked meal, especially when it’s being cooked by a lovely friend you haven’t seen for a while; in this case H, a magazine mate. She’d invited me, S (who was wearing a simply fantastic sweatshirt with sequinned burger on it – see it to believe it) and P – we all once worked together on the same publication – for lunch, and it promised to be an afternoon of girly, industry gossip, fuelled, somewhat improbably, by some rather delicious homemade Margaritas.

H is moving out of her lovely three storey rented flatshare in West London to the rather more exciting Clerkenwell, so it was a kind of last supper (well, lunch). On the menu were those tasty Margaritas (very, very strong), with the main event a very delicious Thai green fish curry, with Asian-style courgettes (all I know is that they involved fish sauce and possibly peanuts; whatever was involved, they were delicious). The curry was pale pistachio-coloured perfection, full of delicate flavours and just spicy enough to sting a little (if curries don’t sting, they’ve not been done right, frankly). Washed down with gallons of red wine, it was a lovely, leisurely afternoon.