At first glance, the bright, green and white entrance, counter brimming with glossy-looking ingredients and chiller cabinet full of detox drinks place Squirrel firmly in the same category as similar healthy lunch spots Tossed, Crussh, or Leon.

But this is a slightly different – ahem – creature. For one, it’s open seven days a week, until 9.30pm. For another, it’s from the team behind some of London’s glossiest bars and clubs, from Bunga Bunga to Mr Fogg’s.

This is the Inception Group’s first foray into the healthy eating trend, and it comes with a playfulness you’d expect from the people who created Maggie’s, an 80s-themed homage to the era of Mrs Thatcher.

Squirrel paintings adorn the walls, trees grace the ground floor, there’s a cosy ‘tree house’ space on the mezzanine, and your cutlery is stored in a little birdbox. Cute.

But what about the food? Every up-to-the-second trend is ticked, from matcha smoothies (creamy and delicious) to protein balls, bone broth and kombucha, while avo toast and poached egg bowls are served till 11am.

‘Mains’ – a range of salads and warm grain bowls devised by nutritionists, but which don’t stint on flavour – really deliver; portions are incredibly generous, ingredients are high quality, and what’s not to love about getting your lunch in a dish shaped like an acorn?

Guac ‘n’ Roll [£7.95] is a moreish, Mexican-flavoured mix of brown rice, shredded chicken, chunks of avo, tomatoes, black beans and tortilla chips, while the Prawn Star salad [£7.95] is a citrusy hit of huge, fresh prawns mixed with red cabbage, spring onion, peppers, edamame and coriander with a zingy chilli, lime and tamari dressing. I leave feeling virtuous, full, but not bloated; this squirrel is the nuts!