For some reason, several of us came into the office today with hangovers ranging from slight to severe. So the general consensus for lunch was somewhere hearty, carb-laden and generally disgusting. There could only be one place: The Bratwurst. Tucked away on a corner of Berwick Street, I had often walked past it and wondered….wondered whether its sausages could actually live up to the true, German and Austrian pinnacles of porcine perfection (try saying THAT with a hangover).

The girls at work sold it to me by saying the portions were huge, and that it was usually stuffed with men. A sausage-fest in more ways than one, if you will…So, off we headed, and I found a bright, clean store with stools lining the windows, all, as promised, occupied by men. To be fair it’s quite a man-friendly joint; there a loads of odd gadgets and gizmos on sale that only a man could love (such as these lamb-chop shaped salt and pepper shakers – men really will buy anything!) and a pervading smell of pork.

The best part was that my lovely colleague S had a Taste London card, which entitled us to a mental 50% off; that meant a £2.95 Bratwurst and chips cost, well, just half that. I went for a Schnitzel in an onion and mushroom sauce, with chips, which set me back just under £3. We took it all back and ate it by the office sofas. Living. The. Dream. It really helped with the hangover, too.